Packing Tips For The Beach

The beach is something that we dream of getting a break at during the long exhausting hours at work. It is like the heaven on the end of a long tunnel of arduous work in an environment surrounded by concrete blocks that are stories high.

The golden sands, the sound of the waves, cool aquamarine waters and the joy of having ice cream under the sun is something that we all associate with happiness. But one of the issues of going to the beach is footing the bill which can sometimes come up to several grand depending on your preferences. This is without the problem of having to replace the small items that we spend money on every time to buy brand new without any though. So here are some ideas on packing for the beach.

The list of accessories

One of the things you have to have with you as a mandatory item is a checklist of items. You must have a basic list made up of things such as glasses, contact lenses, cleaning items for these, flip flops, a beach bag, travel towel, toys, beach throw, hat and sunglasses. This list should be amended as necessary considering what you would find necessary to have with you at the beach.


You will need two sets of regular clothing (shorts, pants and tops) and then the usual swimsuit and swimsuit cover up to take with you. You can always go for a beach towels if you do not have a cover up or you do not want to waste money on one. If you have companions accompanying you, then better check their beach bags as well.

Equipment and furnishings

You will need to take a beach umbrella, beach chairs, blanket, batteries for your electronics (or solar chargers), cooler, floating devices (if needed and especially mandatory for small children),goggles (preferable to having salt in your eyes), snorkel or diving gear if you are going to the deep.

Protection gear

The unforgiving sun can be especially harmful during these days of global warming, El Nino and heat waves and other unwanted phenomena. So having proper protection for your body is especially necessary if you do not want to end up with some type of cancer. So you will need to have a strong sun protection cream, Aloe Vera gel for any bruises or jellyfish encounters, antibacterial wipes, body lotion, face wipes (oil absorbers are the best), first aid kit, insect repellent, lip balm and prescription medication.

It’s a good idea to have a book with a list of contact information of closely related persons (two or three are good) in case of an emergency.